Brass Tap App

Brass Tap mobile app for iOS and Android

The ultimate craft beer app ... now on tap.

Grab ahold of the most essential beer-drinking accessory since the glass. This App turns your phone into a mini command center for all things Craft Beer, locating your favorite brews and serving up the closest Brass Tap in which to enjoy them.

Pilsners. Porters. Ales. Stouts. Discover new favs using a matchmaking feature that introduces you to new Craft Beers based on brews you already love. It all begins with the tap of your finger, just don’t let all this power go to your head.

Master the Roster – Browse hundreds of Craft Beers at The Brass Tap and search for specific brews, instantly.

Play Matchmaker – Seek out new Craft Beers that share similar characteristics to Craft Beers you already dig. 
Your buds will thank you. Your taste buds will, too.

Map your Tap – Pinpoint Brass Tap locations near you so you can get the night started without delay. 
Already out and about? This handy feature will get you to your nearest Tap no matter where you are.

Get the Skinny – Check out menus and events unique to each Brass Tap. The Brass Tap App is like having your 
own personal pocket concierge so you can see when and where the action is. Looking for great live music? 
Specials? Tap locations? It's all here.

Tell it like it is – Rate beers and share your ratings with friends via Facebook & Twitter. After all, the only thing 
more satisfying than having an opinion is sharing it.

Beer Chaser – Track down a specific Craft Beer and see which Brass Tap locations carry it. It's much easier 
than hiring a private investigator.

Greatest Hits – Keep track of your favorite beers and never be left trying to remember "what was the name of 
that one I liked?"

Let everyone else ask the questions, now you’ll have the answers.

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