Drink Beer.
Earn Rewards.
Become a Beer Guru. 
Yes, it’s that simple.

For just $15 to join, you can receive great benefits for being a Brew Crew member.  Reach 300 points and get a $200 Reward Card! Become a “Repeat Offender” at 600 and 900 points and get $200 Rewards Cards plus exclusive APPAREL!

How the Club Works
Receive 1 point for drinking one of each of the 300 different craft beers The Brass Tap offers and get “rewarded” with great offers for each level you reach.
Brew Crew loyalty rewards card
Point Levels and Prizes:
Member Sign-up:  Official Brew Crew T-shirt
  • 50 Points: Brew Crew "Rookie" T-shirt PLUS $10 Reward Card
  • 100 Points:  Brew Crew "Aficionado" T-shirt PLUS $25 Reward Card
  • 200 Points:  Brew Crew "Beer Snob" T-shirt PLUS $50 Reward Card
  • 300 Points:  Brew Crew "Beer Guru" T-shirt PLUS $200 Reward Card
After 300 points, you will receive the following rewards at these levels:
  • 350 Points:  $10 Reward Card
  • 400 Points:  $25 Reward Card
  • 500 Points:  $50 Reward Card
  • 600 Points:  $200 Reward Card PLUS "600 Club" Polo
After 600 points, you will receive the following rewards at these levels:
  • 650 Points:  $10 Reward Card
  • 700 Points:  $25 Reward Card
  • 800 Points:  $50 Reward Card
  • 900 Points:  $200 Reward Card PLUS “900 Club” Brewer’s shirt

Benefits of membership:

Receive exclusive Brew Crew membership card to track your points.
Reach 300, 600, 900 points, and receive a $200 Reward Card each time!
Receive exclusive Brew Crew apparel for each level up to 300 points, and again at 600 and 900 points!
Exclusive Brew Crew members only discounts on Brew Crew member days every week and other special events and occasions.

* For Arizona State please refer to your local proprietor for rules.