Brew Crew Rewards

Eat. Drink. Earn Rewards.
Get Points. Enjoy Perks.
Yes, It's That Simple.

Join the New Brew Crew at a Store Near You.

How it works?

Join Brew Crew at your Brass Tap
Earn points on every beer, wine, coctails and food purchase
Reach two hundred points and get ten dollars off

Love trying different beers? Earn new ranks the more you try and advance your status from "Rookie" to "Guru". Get the idea? Great, now get the rewards!

Member Ranks
(based on different beers):

  • 50 Beers: Brew Crew "Rookie"
  • 100 Beers: Brew Crew "Aficionado"
  • 200 Beers: Brew Crew "Beer Snob"
  • 300 Beers: Brew Crew "Beer Guru"
  • 600 Beers: Brew Crew "Repeat Offender"

Brew Crew Perks

Double point days.
Explore new beers. Track beer stats and history.
Brew Crew exclusive days and special events.
Rate your favorite beers and share on social media.
The Brass Tap Brew Crew. Image of cocktails, wings, and beer.

* For Arizona State please refer to your local proprietor for rules.