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Crush Craft Cider Hazy Apple
Cider - 6% This well-brewed and crisp apple cider is certainly crushable.
Deschutes/Bells Schwarzbier
Schwarzbier - 6.4% Dark and roasty, but with a clean crisp finish.
Destihl Flanders Red
Flanders Red Ale - 6.1% Expect notes of tart and sour dark fruit- strawberrries, cherries, raisin and grape; all held together by notes of reduced balsamic. An excellent, if Americanized, example of the style.
Destihl Wild Sour Series: Here GOSE Nothin'
Gose - 5% This Leipzig-Style Gose undergoes a spontaneous fermentation, similar to Belgian-style gueuze/lambic beers, and exhibits a complexity of acidic, flavor and aroma contributed by wild yeasts and bacteria in the fermentation.
Grand Canyon Kiwi Collusion
American Wild Ale - 4.2% Another successful soured ale from this lovely brewery.
Grand Canyon Sunset Amber
Amber Ale - 5.4% A pleasantly sweet and malty brew with just a touch of balancing hop bitterness.
Great Divide Colette
Saison - 7.3% Brewed with barley, wheat and rice and fermented at high temperatures with a special blend of four different yeast strains, Saison is fruity and slightly tart, with a dry finish that makes it that rarest of treatsûa beer as refreshing as it is complex.
Great Divide Strawberry Rhubarb Sour Ale
American Wild Ale - 6.2% Bursting with sweet strawberry and tart, pungent rhubarb, this delicous sour ale is a real treat.
Santa Fe 7K IPA
American IPA - 7% Fruity, with light resinous notes and a dry finish.
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The Brass Tap Beer Bar in Mesa, AZ features over 60 taps, and offers more than 240 craft beers from around the globe in a neighborhood atmosphere that feels both relaxed and upscale. You’ll find daily specials and unique events each and every month. We pride ourselves on being the place with the best craft beer selection alongside a staff dedicated to your needs. Whether your party is large or small, you'll feel right at home watching the big game or simply catching up on old times. Enjoy your favorite brew and cigar while relaxing on our open air patio. Hungry? From salty to tangy to sweet, you're sure to find a flavor to complement your beer and appease your appetite on our new menu.
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